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Table of Contents IntroductionKey Issues in Food Labelling, D. JukesConsumer Needs, C. Bruhn Manufacturers' Needs, D. HuntLegislators' Perspectives, D. LoveAn Enforcement Perspective, D. WalkerLabelling requirements: European Union, D. LoveLabelling Requirements: United States, J. VanderveenDeclaration of Ingredients and Additives: European Union, D. FlowerdewDeclaration of Ingredients and Additives: United States, R.H. SchmidtDurability Indication: European Union, A. MrohsDurability Indication: United States, R.A. LabuddeNutrition Information: European Union, L. InsallNutrition Information: United States, T.A. Altman Nutrition and Health Claims: European Union, P. Berry OttawayNutrition and Health Claims: United States, M.K. Schmidl and T.P. LabuzaSpecial Issues in Food LabellingGood Design in Food Labelling, E.J. WhiteleyMulti-Language Requirements, J-P. KernFood Allergen Labelling, J. Ralph BlanchfieldGenetically-Modified Foods and Ingredients, M.J. SadlerIrradiated Foods and Ingredients, G.W. GouldLabel Problems for Blind and Visually-Impaired People, J. Ralph BlanchfieldDetermining Shelf Life, C.M.D. ManThe Role of Traceability in Food Labelling, C. MorrisonIndex