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Index page for: Food Microbiology and Analytical Methods: New Technologies

Table of Contents Part 1 Detection and identification systems: overview of rapid methods of microbiological analysis, separation and concentration of pathogens from foods, a new look at an old technique - application of microscopy to food microbiological analysis, flow cytometry in food microbiology - detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7, optical biosensors for microbiological analysis, immunodiagnostics in the detection of foodborne pathogens, automated microbial identification systems. Part 2 Genetic techniques of analysis: applications of gene probes for the detection of foodborne pathogens, PCR and nucleic acid amplification methods, detection of microorganisms in foods using DNA problems targetted to ribosomal RNA sequences, gene sequence databases and food mirobiology, molecular fingerprinting of foodborne pathogenic bacteria - an introduction to methods, uses and problems. Part 3 Methods for assessment of microbial growth and viability: bioluminescence - lux as an enabling tool for the microbiological analysis of food, detection of viable but nonculturable and stressed microbial cells, measurement of microbial activity by impedance, special techniques for studying microbial biofilms in food systems.