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Table of Contents PRINCIPLES OF INDUSTRIAL ENZYME TECHNOLOGYDiscovering New Industrial Enzymes for Food Applications, T. Sch?ferIntroductionWhere to Screen for New EnzymesHow to Screen for New EnzymesSummary: Which Option to Choose? ReferencesImproving Enzyme Performance in Food Applications, R. Machielsen and S. Dijkhuizen, T. Kaper and L. Looger, and J. van der OostIntroductionEvolution in the LaboratoryExamples of Improving Enzyme Stability and Functionality by Laboratory EvolutionRational and Computational Protein EngineeringExamples of Improving Enzyme stability and Functionality by Rational Protein EngineeringExamples of Combined Laboratory Evolution and Computational DesignSummary and Future TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesIndustrial Enzyme Production for Food Applications, C. HjortIntroductionTraditional Sources and Processes for Industrial Enzyme ProductionDesign of Expression Systems for Industrial Enzyme ProductionDevelopment of an Enzyme Production ProcessFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesImmobilized Enzyme Technology for Food Applications, M.K. WalshIntroductionImmobilised Enzyme Technology for Modification of AcylglycerolsImmobilised Enzyme Technology for Modification of CarbohydratesImmobilised Enzyme Technology for Protein ModificationImmobilised Enzyme Technology for Production of Flavor CompoundsFuture TrendsReferencesConsumer Attitudes Towards Novel Enzyme Technologies in Food Processing, H. S?ndergaard, K. Grunert, and J. ScholdererIntroductionHow Consumers Form Attitudes to New Food Production TechnologiesStudies of Consumer Attitudes to Enzyme TechnologiesImplications of Consumer Attitudes to Enzyme TechnologiesFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceAcknowledgementsReferencesNOVEL ENZYME TECHNOLOGY FOR FOOD APPLICATIONSUsing Cross-Linking Enzymes to Improve Textural and Other Properties of Food, J. Buchert, E. Selinheimo, K. Kruus, M.-L. Mattinen, R. Lantto and K. AutioIntroductionTypes of Cross-Linking EnzymesUsing Cross-Linking Enzymes in Baking and Pasta ManufactureUsing Cross-Linking Enzymes in Meat and Fish ProcessingUsing Cross-Linking Enzymes in Dairy ApplicationsOther Applications of Cross-Linking Enzymes in Food ManufactureAnalysing the Chemistry of Cross-Links Formed by EnzymesEffect of Bioplymer Cross-Linking on Nutritional Properties of FoodSummary and Future TrendsReferencesEnzymatically-Modified Whey Protein and Other Protein-Based Fat Replacers, J. LemanIntroductionEnhancing the Fat Mimicking Properties of ProteinsApplications in Low-Fat FoodsFuture TrendsReferencesEnzymatic Production of Bioactive Peptides from Milk and Whey Proteins, P. Ortiz-Chao and P. JauregiIntroductionMilk Protein-Derived Bioactive PeptidesEnzymatic Production of Bioactive Peptides from Milk and Whey ProteinsFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesProduction of Flavours, Flavour Enhancers and Other Protein-Based Speciality Products, B. WestIntroductionProduction of Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG)Production of Chondroitin SulphateProduction of AspartameEnzymes for Vanilla ExtractionEnzyme Modified Cheese (EMC) as a Flavour IngredientEnzymes Used in Savoury FlavouringsEnzymes Used in Yeast Extract ManufactureFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferences.Applications of Cold Adapted Proteases in the Food Industry, A. Guethmundsd?ttir and J. BjarnasonIntroductionUse of Proteolytic Enzymes in Food ProcessingUse of Cold-Adapted Serine Proteases in Food ProcessingModifying Marine Proteases for Industrial UseFuture TrendsReferencesHealth-Functional Carbohydrates: Properties and enzymatic manufactureS A W Hughes and R A Rastall, IntroductionDietary fibrePrebioticsInulinTransgalacto-OligosaccharidesGluco-OligosaccharidesAlternansucrase-Maltose Acceptor OligosaccharidesResistant StarchArabinoxylanOligosaccharides from Non-Starch PolysaccharidesPectinsOligodextranConclusionReferencesFlavourings and Other Value Added Products from Sucrose, G.L. C?t?IntroductionDi- and Oligosaccharides from SucrosePolysaccharides from SucroseOther ProductsFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesProduction of Novel Lipids with Functional Health Benefits, X. Xu, J. Kristensen, and H. ZhangIntroductionProduction of Diglyceride (DAG) OilsProduction of Healthy Oils Containing Medium Chain Fatty AcidsFuture TrendsAcknowledgementsReferencesThe Selectivity of Lipases: Harvesting of Fatty Acids and Preparation of Structured Lipids, G.J. Piazza and T.A. Foglia, and X. XuIntroductionLipase SelectivityFatty Acid HarvestingStructured Triacylglycerols (STAG)Single Reaction Step Process for the Production of STAGMultiple Reaction Step Processes for the Production of STAGNutritional and Other Uses of Structured LipidsSummary and Future TrendsReferences