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Index page for: Nutrition and the Strength Athlete

Table of Contents Basic Principles of Resistance Training, William J. Kramer, Nicholas A. Ratamess, and Martyn R. RubinGeneral Nutritional Considerations for Strength Athletes, Jeff S. VolekEnergy Yielding Nutrients for the Resistive Trained Athlete, Jacobo O. Morales EroVitamin and Mineral Considerations for Strength Training, Catherine G. Ratzin JacksonTrace Minerals, Emily M. Haymes and Keith C. DeRuisseauDietary Supplements and Strength Trained Athletes, Tausha RobinsonOverview of Anabolic/Androgenic Hormones and Strength, M. Brian WallaceCreatine Supplementation and the Strength Athlete, Jeff S. VolekSupporting the Immune System: Nutritional Considerations for the Strength Athlete, Shawn R. SimonsonHydration and the Strength Athlete, Michael G. ColesNutritional Concerns of Women Who Resistance Train, Ann C. SnyderNutritional Concerns of Strength Athletes with an Emphasis on Tennis, Tracey A. Richers