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Asian Functional Foods


ISBN10: 824758552
ISBN13: 9780824758554

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 672
Publish date: marzo 2005

Covers all elements of traditional Asian functional foods Emphasizes the physical and physiological properties of specific Asian functional foods Discusses processing technology, shelf life, and storage stability Includes more than 80 figures and tables and a bibliography The consumption of functional foods has emerged as a major consumer-driven trend, based on the needs of an ever-growing health conscious population that wants to exercise greater control over its health. Focusing on an important sector of this rapidly growing field, Asian Functional Foods discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of functional foods found in the traditional Asian diet, from fundamental concepts of biochemistry, nutrition, and physiology to food science and technology. The book covers a wide range of topics, beginning with an introduction to the source, history, functionality, and chemical, physical, and physiological properties of traditional Asian functional foods, followed by the health benefits, mechanisms of antioxidant action, anticancer and antiaging properties, supported by clinical and epidemiological evidence. The chapter authors discuss processing technology and process systems, equipment, material preparation, food preparation, and quality control during processing. They explore stability, shelf life, and storage criteria for traditional functional food products, industrial production, home-made products, consumer and marketing issues, and social and economical impact. As Asian functional foods continue to gain popularity worldwide, a solid understanding of these functional foods will help food scientists take advantage of them to better maintain and promote health. Examining the scientific and social issues impacting their development, this book provides that understanding.

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