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Index page for: Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering - 4 Volume Set

Table of Contents VOLUME 1 - FOOD SCIENCE: PROPERTIES AND PRODUCTS FOOD COMPONENTS AND THEIR PROPERTIES? Carbohydrate: Chemistry? Carbohydrate: Physical Properties? Carbohydrate: Starch ? Functional Properties of Carbohydrates: Polysaccharide Gums ? Protein Determination in Food and Agriculture Systems? Protein Denaturation ? Food Protein Functionalities? Chemistry and Biochemistry of Fats? Physical Properties of Fats ? Water Soluble Vitamins? Fat Soluble Vitamins? Fundamental Characteristics of Water ? Bioactive Amines Pigments in Plant FoodsFOOD CATEGORIES ? Beverages, Carbonated ? Muffins ? Cereals: Biology, Pre- and Post-Harvest Management? Legume: Horticulture, Properties, and Processing ? Asian Fermented Soybean Products ? Vegetable: Types and Biology ? Nutritional Values of Vegetables, Nutrit? Canned Vegetables: Product Description ? Frozen Vegetables: Product Description ? Fruits: Horticulture and Functional Properties? Frozen Fruits: Product Descriptions ? Milk: Proteins ? Enzymes of Significance to Milk and Dairy Products ? Meat Chemistry ? Chemical Composition of Red Meat ? Meat Species? Poultry: Chemistry and Biochemistry? Chemical Composition of Poultry Meat ? Poultry Processing Quality ? Fats and Oils: Science and Applications? Fish Biology and Food Science ? Edible Shellfish: Biology and Science? Aquaculture of Finfish and Shellfish: Principles and Applications ? Frozen Seafood: Production Description ? Freezing Seafood and Seafood Products: Principles and Applications? The Application of Gene Technology in the Wine Industry FOOD ANALYSIS ? Principles of Food Analysis? Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Foods ? Spectroscopy Basics? Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy in Food Science ? Application of Gas Chromatography to the Identification Foodborne Pathogens and Chemical Contaminants in Foods ? Modern Thin-layer Chromatography in Food Analysis? High Performance Liquid Chromatography ? The Use of Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis ? Food Analysis: Other Methods FOOD MICROBIOLOGY ? Basics ? Spoilage ? Microbiology of Land Muscle ? Microbiology of Marine Muscle ? Microbial Analysis of Foods ? Rapid Methods in Food Diagnostics VOLUME II - FOOD SCIENCE: INGREDIENTS, HEALTH, AND SAFETY FOOD ATTRIBUTES ? Sensory Science: Measuring Consumer Preference ? Sensory Science: Methodology ? Sensory (Frozen)? Food Concepts ? Flavor of Frozen Foods ? Textures of Frozen Foods ? Chemical and Physical Aspects of Color in Frozen Muscle-based FoodsFOOD FERMENTATIONS? Fermentation: General Principles ? Quality and Flavour of Fermented Products ? Meat Fermentation: Principles and Applications ? Liquid Fermented Milk Products ? Semi-solid Cultured Dairy Products: Principles and Applications? Principles of Production of Cheese ? Yeasts ? Pickles Manufacturing in the United States: Quality Assurance and Establishment Inspection FOOD AND WORKERS' SAFETY, FOOD SECURITY ? U.S. Food Standards and Food Grades? Standards for Meat and Poultry in the U.S.? FDA, GMP, HACCP, Food Code ? Filth and Other Foreign Objects in Food: A Review of Analytical Methods and Health Significance ? Food Pathogens and Consumer Practices ? Migratory Chemicals from Food Containers and Preparation Utensils ? Food Plant Sanitation and Quality Assurance ? Retail Food Sanitation: Prerequisites to HACCP? Seafood HACCO, NMFI ? Workers' Safety and Types of Food Establishments ? Animal Foods, Feeds, and Drugs? Bioterrorism FUNCTIONAL FOOD INGREDIENTS ? Food Additives ? Food Processing Biofilms and Antimicrobial Agents ? Antioxidants ? Synthetic Colors? Biosynthesis of Natural Aroma Compounds? Natural Flavors ? Spices and Seasonings ? Eggs as Nutritional and Functional Food Ingredients ? Enzymes as Functional Ingredients ? Composition and Structure Function Relationships in Gums ? Heat Induced Aggregation, Gelation, and phase Separation of the Globular Protein B-lactoglobulin ? Emulsions and Emulsifier ? Phytates ? Sorbates ? Artificial Sweeteners: An Overview NUTRITION AND HEALTH ? Chinese Edible Botanicals: Types, Efficacy, and Safety ? Vegetable Parts and Dietary Supplements? Health, Diet, and Advertisement in the United States? Food Allergy: A Synopsis VOLUME III: FOOD ENGINEERING AND FOOD PROCESSING FOOD PROCESSING ? Units of Operation FOOD DRYING ? Dehydrated Vegetables: Principles ? Drying Tropical Fruits? Drying Pears? Freeze DryingTHERMAL PROCESSING ? Principles and Applications ? Heat Transfer ? Temperature Time ? Modeling of Thermal Processing of Foods ? The Engineering Aspects of Deep-fat Frying FREEZING ? Principles ? Microwave and Frozen Foods? Components ? Meat: Quality and Shelf-life? Frozen Storage ? Frozen Dough NEW TECHNOLOGY ? Minimal Processing Foods? MAP? Ohmic and Inductive Heating ? Ultra Sound ? Ultra Light ? AP: Principles ? Irradiation ? MW: Basics (Principles)? PEF? Nanotechnology ? Sensors? Genetically Modified Organisms PACKAGING ? New Technology ? Plastics? Paper ? Frozen Foods Packaging? Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods ? Edible Films and Coatings INGREDIENTS TECHNOLOGY ? Spices and Seasonings? Sweet Flavors Application ? Emulsion ? Gums ? Pectin MODELING ? Modeling Kinetics I? Modeling Kinetics II? Modeling: Experimental Design ? Model Building WASTE MANAGEMENT ? Waste Water ? Poultry Waste ? Meat Waste VOLUME IV - FOOD TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD PROCESSING FOOD CATEGORIES ? Bakery Products ? Chocolate ? Mozzarella Cheeses? Processed Cheese? Yogurt ? Eggs: Biology and Nutrition ? Frozen Desert ? Edible Fats and Oils ? Fats: Hydrogenation ? Grain: Asian Noodles ? Grain: Pasta ? Seafood Processing: Science and Technology ? Fish Paste, Surimi? Caviar, Roe ? Thermal Processing of Meat ? Frozen Meat Processing Equipment ? Dry-cured Ham ? Poultry Carcass? Canned Poultry Ham ? Poultry Nugget and Pate? Snacks, Extrusion ? Snacks, Coatings? Vegetables: Horticulture and Processing ? Tofu? Beer ? Wine, Chinese? Wine Biotechnology ? Whiskey FOOD FERMENTATION ? Principles ? Starter Cultures? Product Manufacture? Sour Cream ? Cheese: QC and Sanitation ? Meat Fermentation ? Jalapeno ? Sour Dough FOOD MICROBIOLOGY ? Basic Requirements? Conventional Microbial Testing Methods and Microscopy Techniques ? Immuno-based Methods for the Detection of Bacterial Pathogens ? Genetic-based Methods for Detection of Bacterial Pathogens ? Methods for the Detection of Viral and Parasitic Protozoan Pathogens in Foods? Methods for Detection of Molds and Mycotoxins WATER TECHNOLOGY ? Water: Sources and Properties ? Water: Purification and Distribution ? Water Chemistry and Analysis ? Beverage Plant Sanitation FOOD SAFETY AND SECURITY ? Contaminants? Personal Hygiene ? Cleaning a Processing Plant ? Food Plant Equipment ? Frozen Food Plant Sanitation ? Oil and Fat Plant Sanitation ? US FDA Guidelines for Food Security ? USDA Safety and Security Guidelines for the Transportation and Distribution of Met, Poultry, and Egg Products