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Index page for: Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Table of Contents Diet and Cancer: A Synopsis of Causes and Prevention Strategies, G.M. Williams and E.L. WynderNutritional Strategies for Reducing Cancer Risk: How to Implement Dietary Changes, I.A. Hakim, T.K. Leonard-Green, and C. RitenbaughNutrition in Childhood: A Key Component of Primary Cancer Prevention, C.L. WilliamsLearned Food Aversions in Patients with Cancer, R.D. MattesPrevention of Alcohol-Induced Disease and Cancer by Nutrition, S.I. MuftiFish Oil and Cancer Prevention, W.T. Cave, Jr.Caloric Restriction and Cancer, D. KritchevskyDietary Fat and Colon Cancer: Role in Cancer Prevention, B.S. ReddyPathways of Energy Metabolism in Cancer, L.A. Sauer and R.T. DauchyMechanisms of Anticarcinogenic Effects of Antioxidant Nutrients, Y.C. Awasthi, S.S. Singhal, and S. AwasthiAntioxidant Nutrients and Breast Cancer, S.K. Ardestani, M. Ahadian, and R.R. WatsonVitamin C and Cancer Prevention: An Assessment of Analytic Studies in Humans, M.A.M. Rogers and D.B. ThomasTumor Prevention by Vitamin C in Animals, J.G. Liehr and M.L. WinterVitamin D and the Retardation of Tumor Progression, G.P. Studzinski and D.C. MooreVitamin E and Cancer Prevention, B. Liang, J.Y. Wang, and R.R. WatsonEffects of Calcium and Calcium Antagonists on Cancer Growth, R.U. SimpsonThe Role of Dietary Nitrate and Nitrite in Human Cancer, C.D. Leaf and S.R. TannenbaumMutagenic/Carcinogenic Heterocyclic Amines in Foods: Nutrition's Role in the Prevention of Their Actions, J.S. Felton, M.S. Connors, and M.G. KnizeCaffeine and the Development of the Normal and Neoplastic Rodent Mammary Gland, C.W. Welsch and L.C. VanderPloegIndex