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Index page for: Handbook of Vitamins, Fourth Edition

Table of Contents Vitamin A: Nutritional Aspects of Retinoids and Carotenoids, A.C. Ross and E.H. HarrisonVitamin D, A.W. Norman and H.L. HenryVitamin K, J.W. SuttieVitamin E, M.G. TraberBioorganic Mechanisms Important to Coenzyme Functions, D.B. McCormickNiacin, J.B. KirklandRiboflavin (Vitamin B2), R.S. RivlinThiamine, C.J. BatesPantothenic Acid, R.B. Rucker and K. BauerlyVitamin B6, S. Dakshinamurti and K. DakshinamurtiBiotin, D.M. MockFolic Acid, L.B. BaileyVitamin B12, R. Green and J.W. MillerCholine, T.A. GarrowAscorbic Acid, C.S. Johnston, F.M. Steinberg, and R.B. RuckerVitamin-Dependent Modifications of Chromatin: Epigenetic Events and Genomic Stability, J.B. Kirkland, J. Zempleni, L.K. Buckles, and J.K. ChristmanAccelerator Mass Spectrometry in the Study of Vitamins and Mineral Metabolism in Humans, F. Fonseca de Moura, B.J. Burri, and A.J. CliffordDietary Reference Intakes for Vitamins, S.P. Murphy and S.I. BarrIndex