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Index page for: Childhood Obesity: Contemporary Issues

Table of Contents ASSESSING THE SCOPE AND IMPACT OF CHILDHOOD OBESITYChildhood Obesity: Assessment and Prevalence, T.J. ColeGlobal Perspectives on Adolescent Obesity, P. Gordon-Larsen and B.M. PopkinA Brief Review of the Health Consequences of Childhood Obesity, F. Regan and P. BettsSocial and Self-Perception of Obese Children and Adolescents, A. HillSelf-Perceptions and Physical Activity Behavior of Obese Young People, L. Foster and A. PageWhat's It Like Being the Parent of an Overweight Child? L. EdmundsTHE ROLE OF BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL PROCESSES IN THE AETIOLOGY OF CHILDHOOD OBESITYThe Value of Birth Cohorts in the Study of Childhood Obesity, A. NessBiobehavioral Determinants of Energy Intake and Childhood Obesity, M.B.E. Livingstone and K. L. RennieChildhood Obesity, Physical Activity, and the Environment, A.R. Cooper and A. PageInteractions Among Physical Activity, Food Choice, and Appetite Control: Health Messages in Physical Activity and Diet, J.E. Blundell, N.A. King, and E. BryantPerinatal Influences on Childhood Obesity Risk, D.B. Dunger and K.K. OngChildhood Predictors of BMI Trajectories, T. ParsonsTHE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF CHILDHOOD OBESITYChildhood Obesity in the Community: Treatment, Prevention, and Monitoring of Childhood Obesity in Leeds, U.K, M.J. RudolfObesity Prevention in Childhood and Adolescence: A Review of Systematic Reviews, J.J. ReillyThe Barriers to, and the Facilitators of, Healthy Eating Among Children: Findings from a Systematic Review, J. Thomas, K. Sutcliffe, A. Harden, A. Oakley, S. Oliver, R. Rees, G. Brunton, and J. KavanaghDoes Food Promotion Influence Children's Diet? A Review of the Evidence, L. McDermott, M. Stead, and G. HastingsReferencesIndex