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Lubricants in food production: beverage

All recommended Cassida Products in the flowsheets are
  • registered with the NSF H1 for incidental food contact - maximum allowed concentration of oil/grease in food is 10 ppm (for normal lubricants, maximum contamination allowed in Food is ZERO (0) ppm)
  • synthetic and do not contain any natural products derived from animals, nuts or genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • suitable for use where vegetarian and ‘nut-free’ food is prepared
  • Halal and Kosher approved
  • neutral odour and taste
  • biostatic – meaning
    • do not promote the growth of bacteria or fungal organisms.
    • do not kill bacteria or fungal organisms – important for dairy industry (yoghurt etc)
For nearly all applications there is nowadays a special designed food grade lubricant equivalent to replace the non food grade, and is in fully compliance - approved by many OEMs.

Two examples:

Cassida GL is
  • a synthetic poly alpha olefin based enclosed gear oil for the food and beverage industry
  • suitable for steel-on-steel and worm and phosphor-bronze wheel applications
  • tried and trusted performance backed up by over 30 OEM Approvals
  • meets DIN 51517 CLP, 51506 VBL (ISO 150 & 220) & VCL (ISO 150) and ISO/DP 6743/6,
Cassida WG is
  • a synthetic polyglycol-based worm gear lubricant for the food and beverage industry
  • high viscosity index: Maintains higher viscosities at higher temperatures, giving thicker oil films under difficult conditions
  • provides excellent thermal stability, load carrying properties and corrosion protection. Resistant to the formation of harmful oxidation products
  • superb energy efficiency performance backed up by over 10 OEM approvals
  • meets DIN 51517 CLP and ISO/DP 6743/6,

Riesgo de contaminación
niveles de riesgo
de Puntos Críticos de Control.
Grado Sólo la Alimentación.
de contaminación.
grado de Alimentos recomienda.
de contaminación.

Cassida Fluids used in this application are:
GL = enclosed gears
WG = worm gears
GLE = can seamer
HF = hydraulic oils
CR = compressor oil
VP = vacuum pump
HT = heat transfer
Silicon Fluid = Silicon spray
Chain Oils = general chain
Cassida Greases include:
RLS = regular load
EPS = extreme pressure
HDS = heavy duty
HTS = high temp
VTS = very high temp
The ISO VG grades are added to the types.

Para más información: FUCHS LUBRICANTS GmbH

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bebida producción

All recommended Cassida Products in the flowsheets are registered with... read full description
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