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Niveauschalter Vibronik

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Function description
The Liquiphant vibration probe analyses the change in frequency which is produced by a liquid on the sensor. The symmetrical fork paddles start vibrating piezoelectrically at their resonance frequency.

The application of a voltage makes the piezo expand and the metal membrane is bent due to the rigidity of the ceramic disc. The main characteristic of the bimorph drive is its mechanical insensitivity.
Bimorph drive
Evaluation electronics
Detection of frequency shift
Common electrode
Resonant circuit
Ceramic disc
Piezoelectric effect

Some items are not yet translated in English.
Application limits and utitlization conditions
Viscosity change
Outside vibrations
Density change
Electric property
Liquiphant vibration limit switch
Medium temperature:
Operating pressure:
Solids proportions:
-58 to +300F (-50 to +150°C)
-15 to +900 psi (-1 to +63 bar)
min. 0.5 g/cm3
1 mm2/s up to 10,000 mm2/s
max. diameter of 0.2" (5mm)
Scale formation
Pressure and temperature change
Air bubbles
Changing media

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