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1. IP67 bearing housings. Avoid problems with rusty and defective bearing housings and the following unexpected production stop and high maintenance cost and eliminating bacteria, virus, mould and fungus in your food processing machinery.

A lot of flange bearing housings are used in dusty, wet and demanding environments, it is in these harsh environments the NHK IP67 bearing housings are an economical alternative to the traditional bearing housings, which is quickly is worn down by rust with the following penetration of dust and water.
The NHK IP67 bearing housings suits the needs of the food industry, where hygiene in the production process is very important.
The NHK IP67 bearing housings are heat resistant from -30C to +100C, the construction permits an offsetting of the bearing unit of up to 3 degree.

The IP67 bearing housings and articulated machine feet are used and recognized by large seafood and meet processing equipment manufacturers worldwide.

2. Articulated, Industrial, Corrosion Safe and Hygienic Machine Feet.

The machine feet are available in a wide range, giving optimal flexibility of choice and the machine feet have a rounded and hygienic design which makes it easy to clean. The machine feet can cope with up to 5 degree slopes on floors and equipment.

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