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ContratEch Group is a young and dynamic company, established in 1996. ContratEch Group was founded to produce and market the CyberjEt, the first (patented) computerised tank washing robot. The CyberjEt is the result of 10 years of scientific research by Ir. D.G.F. Verbeek (Tank Cleaning Engineering). In addition, ContratEch Group distributes a select range of quality pumps, i.e. the hygienic EHEDG assessed centrifugal pumps, manufactured by MDM PUMPS LTD (3.1B certificate available), Pemo slurry pumps (market leader in Italie) for abrasive and corrosive media and Grosvenor chemical dosing pumps.

The CyberjEt causes revolutionary savings on cleaning times and water usage, and up to now is the only washing robot that really has been validated. The CyberjEt is the high-end of modern technology in the area of tank cleaning. ContratEch Group both produces and sells the CyberjEt on a world wide basis.

Our business mission is: The supply of high standard equipment that contributes to a higher productivity and efficiency, and also reduces environmental pollutions. Therefore, ContratEch Group is committed to search for manufacturers, that are flexible, sincere and reliable and can ensure continuity.

Your wish is our challenge!

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