Arodo BVBA

Hoge Mauw 70
B-2370 Arendonk

Teléfono: ++32 (0) 14 672332
Fax: ++32 (0) 14 671760
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Arodo are modern day originators of the concept of “Total Control” sack handling systems. Arodo manufacture sack filling and palletising systems with offices in Reusel (the Netherlands), Arendonk (Belgium), Le Rheu (France), Buchholz (Germany), West Malling (Great-Britain) and Aalborg (Denmark).

Our systems are deployed for sack filling of bulk goods and cargo like potting compost, sand and gravel, granulates and so on and palletising of pre-packaged products.

Proveedor de (líneas completas / equipos para)

Máquinas para llenar sacos y big-bags
Máquinas para llenar sacos preconfeccionados
Máquinas para llenar big-bags
Máquinas para cerrar sacos
Paletizadora para productos planos, flexibles
Máquinas para revestir tapas elásticas
Máquina para revestir láminas elásticas