With more than 2,000 unique visitors per day Hyfoma is the largest website of her kind in the world. A unique medium to keep the food manufacturing industry up to date of an existing or a new technology, machine or service.

To keep our website well-ordered and easily accessible, we do not place direct advertisements on our website with banners. Research has show that the professional user searches for good content to help them to purchase a machine or a service in the end. A non informational banner does not influence his choice for a supplier in any way.

We do offer our clients to place a complete company presentation on our site with a link to the company website.

There are also tailor made solutions, with the possibility that one of our company journalists visits you for an interview and takes care of the content, including translation to several other languages. Finally, there is the option to place symbols of your machines in all the flow sheets and to have product video's made.

All subjects, company names and provided services are always optimized for search engines.