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Wine Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide

Author: Dewey Markham

ISBN13: 9780471582588

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €15.00
Pages: 208
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: marzo 1993

a quick, basic guide for everyone who wants to know just enough about wine to enjoy it ? ”Dewey Markham?s book reinforces the simple pleasures a bottle of wine brings at the table with good food, good friends and family. He takes the mystery, which often alienates new wine drinkers, out of wine, while retaining the romance that makes wine unique.” ?Robert Mondavi from the Foreword In this light-hearted and intelligent reference, wine authority Dewey Markham gives you, faster than you ever thought possible, the confidence and knowledge to really enjoy choosing and drinking wine. You?ll learn how to apply the principles and information in this book to any wine you may encounter, no matter where it is made. Through a series of quick takes, Markham shows you: How to deal with wine lists and waiters How to get the best value when buying wine in a store How to decipher the ten standard items of information on every wine label A simple method for judging the quality of any wine How to store and serve wine How wine is made and packaged Wine Basics also uses easy-to-understand charts to illustrate the range of tastes in white and red wines and includes a comprehensive but user-friendly vocabulary to describe these tastes.