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The Concise Encyclopedia of Foods and Nutrition


ISBN10: 849344557
ISBN13: 9780849344558

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $279.95
Pages: 1184
Publish date: abril 1995

More than 2,700 entries More than 1,300 food compositions More than 1,000 illustrations-96 of which are in color and new to this edition More than 200 of the most comprehensive food composition tables Organized like a dictionary from A-Z for easy access U.S.D.A.'s Food Guide Pyramid with six basic food groups instead of the traditional four New recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals Nutritional analyses of 314 of the most popular fast foods served by leading fast-food chains New food labeling legislation Ways to reduce the chances of death by heart disease, stroke, and cancer From the reviews of the first edition

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