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Follow Your Heart Cookbook

Author: Janice C. Knight

ISBN13: 9780764576867

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €16.00
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: abril 2005

”They make the best veggie burgers in the world, and their smoothies are great, too!” ?Kevin Eubanks, Bandleader & Music Director, The Tonight Show ”Wherever I go in the world, the first thing I look for is a good veggie restaurant. How lucky I am to have Follow Your Heart so close to home. But it does spoil me.” ?Mike Farrell, actor and activist Follow Your Heart Restaurant Follow Your Heart, the oldest and best-loved vegetarian restaurant in L.A., has been serving creative vegetarian food for more than thirty years. Still true to its flower-child heritage and focused on organic foods, today Follow Your Heart is known as an oasis where loyal fans come to support ”The Heart” and enjoy a great meal in a comfortable place that feels like home. Follow Your Heart Cookbook Help yourself to more than 140 of the restaurant's best dishes?including its classic Thanksgiving dinner?all made without meat, poultry, fish, or eggs. No matter what your cooking style, these recipes will tempt you to explore and enjoy. Some, like Schiacciata con l'Uva (Italian grape bread) and Coconut Tapioca Pudding, are refreshingly different. Others, such as Spaghetti with Simple Tomato Sauce (for a Complicated World) or Macaroni and No Cheese, taste deliciously like the traditional favorites. All of the recipes are adapted for the home cook by Janice Cook Knight in a conversational tone that makes you feel as though you're sitting across the table from her. When you sample the recipes, you'll wish you were!