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Hydrazine and its Derivatives: Preparation, Properties, Applications, 2nd Edition

Author: Eckart Walter Schmidt

ISBN13: 9780471415534

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €357.20
Pages: 2232
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: septiembre 2001

In the past century, hydrazine, an important intermediate in the synthesis of countless chemicals with N N bonds, has grown into a major industrial commodity with a wide range of uses. It is used as a fuel in rocket propulsion, as a boiler feedwater deoxygenating agent, and in the manufacture of foamed plastics, pharmaceuticals, and biodegradable pesticides and herbicides, to name just a few uses. Since the first edition of Hydrazine and Its Derivatives: Preparation, Properties, Applications was published in 1984, there has been considerable development in this field and many new aspects of hydrazine chemistry and applications have evolved. Offering an overview of hydrazines and their industrial applications, this book also provides a compilation of numerous references to the scientific and technical literature arranged in a systematic manner, allowing the reader to find the necessary information by accessing the pages either from the table of contents or the alphabetical subject index. Some other features of the significantly enlarged Second Edition include: Frequent ”see also” cross-references/links to other relevant sections of the book Over 8,400 references, most of which cover the period from 1980 to 1998 Extremely thorough, encyclopedia-style coverage of topics Information to aid in the design of environmentally benign, biodegradable pesticides and more energetic rocket propellants Background information on the adverse effects of pesticide residue in food