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Statistics for the Environment, Volume 4, Statistical Aspects of Health and the Environment

Author: Vic Barnett , Alfred Stein , K. Feridun Turkman

ISBN13: 9780471976455

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €270.00
Pages: 422
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: diciembre 1998

In line with the SPRUCE initiative, concerned as it is with Statistics in Public Resources, Utilities and Care of the Environment, the recent conference brought together leading workers from a widely multidisciplinary background. The SPRUCE IV programme was divided into five thematic sections: Small Area Studies and Disease Mapping Atmospheric Pollution Studies Disease Risks and Social Effects Effects of Radiation Agriculture and the Food Chain Providing a stimulating overview of current methods and developing research trends across the field of Statistical Aspects of Health and the Environment, this volume presents a co-ordinated and structured review of the recent SPRUCE conference. This volume is the fourth in the Wiley Series on Statistics and the Environment. Environmental issues continue to be of major concern to scientists and those involved with policy formulation. The concise presentation of arguments, statistical models and their application will make this volume essential reading.