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The Food and Cooking of China: An Exploration of Chinese Cuisine in the Provinces and Cities of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Author: Francine Halvorsen

ISBN13: 9780471110552

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €12.00
Pages: 226
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: marzo 1996

A vivid account of a rich culinary legacy . . .A fabulous collection of 100 delicious, authentic recipes Chinese cooking is one of the world's oldest continuous culinary traditions, developed over the course of four thousand years. A subject of profound importance for countless generations of Chinese philosophers, scholars, poets, and ordinary people, the selection, preparation, and consumption of food is much more than a matter of sustenance in Chinese tradition. It is the art of maintaining a subtle harmony between mind and senses. Now, The Food and Cooking of China invites you to explore the spiritual and sensual delights of Chinese cuisine as it takes you on a fascinating journey through the many regions of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. ”Francine Halvorsen takes Chinese food lovers to 'the source' in this book. Along with her travel notes from a recent culinary tour of China, she includes a food history of the country and authentic regional recipes that can be reproduced in the American kitchen. This is a journey you are sure to enjoy!” ?Jacques Pépin Author, teacher, and host of the PBS-TV series, Today's Gourmet ”Francine Halvorsen's travel through Asia, exploring the relationship between food and culture are chronicled in this fascinating book. Along with a detailed description of every meal and bits of culture she encountered are recipes of the most popular regional dishes. If you love Asian food like I do, you too will love reading this book.” ? Martin Yan Television Host, ”Yan Can Cook”