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Nutrients and Cell Signaling


ISBN10: 824722485
ISBN13: 9780824722487

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $189.95
Pages: 760
Publish date: abril 2005

o Offers examples for the roles of nutrients in essential processes such as cell proliferation, immune function, and DNA repair, including novel information on the role of histone biotinylation o Describes the roles of nutrients in epigenetic control mechanisms o Offers a fresh look at the mechanics of insulin release, signaling and insulin resistance o Discusses cellular calcium influx and release, and their control by various intracellular metabolites Cell signaling is at the core of most biological processes from the simplest to the most complex. In addition to unicellular organisms possessing the essential ability to receive inputs with regard to nutrient availability and noxious stimuli, the cells in multicellular organisms require signaling from adjacent, as well as distant cells to maintain normal internal function, including growth, differentiation, and homeostasis. Conversely, the etiology of many disease processes, such as those involving immune system dysfunction and tumor development, have been traced to aberrant cell signaling. Nutrients and Cell Signaling, in presenting contributions from a wide array of experts in the field, fully delineates the role of nutrients in cell signaling. The text emphasizes broad concepts and covers all major groups of nutrients. Contributors discuss the role of carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in essential processes such as cell proliferation, immune function, and DNA repair. The editors have organized the work to provide select examples organized under these contemporary research areas: · Nuclear receptors, transcription factors, and signaling cascades · Amino acids, lipids, and glycation · Insulin release, signaling, and insulin resistance · Calcium-dependent signaling · Feeding and nutrient homeostasis Nutrients and Cell Signaling answers the need in the post-genomic era, for an authoritative resource that provides an in-depth understanding of how these complex and dynamic biomolecular networks control cell function. Those professionals and students in molecular biology, nutrition, biochemistry, as well as any branch involved with cell signaling and function will find this book to be an invaluable tool in promoting both understanding and further inquiry.

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