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CliffsQuickReview Microbiology

Author: I. Edward Alcamo

ISBN13: 9780822053330

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €8.00
Pages: 264
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: julio 1996

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest classes. Get a firm grip on core concepts and key material, and approach your exams with newfound confidence. CliffsQuickReview Microbiology contains the foundation material for microbiology courses required for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, medical technology, food and nutrition, pharmacy, and medicine. This comprehensive guide begins with an introduction covering microorganism classification and a brief history of the subject. The rest of the guide includes essential vocabulary and in-depth coverage of key topic areas, including The chemical basis of microbiology Microscopy, including how light microscopes work, staining techniques Microbial cultivation and growth; microbial genetics DNA and gene expression The bacteria, viruses, fungi, unicellular algae, protozoa Infectious disease; diseases of the skin and eyes; diseases of the nervous, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems Aquatic, soil, food, and industrial microbiologies CliffsQuickReview Microbiology acts as a supplement to your textbook and to classroom lectures. Use this reference in any way that fits your personal style for study and review — it's written in detailed but easy-to-understand language with brief paragraphs that don't overwhelm you. With titles available for all the most popular high school and college courses, CliffsQuickReview guides are a comprehensive resource that can help you get the best possible grades.