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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, 2nd Edition

Author: Aaron L. Brody , Kenneth S. Marsh

ISBN13: 9780471063971

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €327.10
Pages: 1048
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: febrero 1997

The complete guide to modern packaging techniques and materials-updated and expanded This A-to-Z guide covers technologies used to package consumer and industrial products across all industries-from food to automobiles, soft drinks to pharmaceuticals. It features complete coverage of all the basic packaging materials and formats (boxes, shrink wrap, etc.) and supplies a wealth of information on conversion processes such as laminating and plastics manufacture. It also offers details on all packaging machinery and equipment currently in use worldwide. The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Second Edition is thoroughly updated and expanded by 25 percent. Coverage includes the many changes in materials, processes, technologies, and regulations that have occurred over the past decade, as well as the latest developments in marketing, economics, recycling and the environment, computer-aided design, coatings, nutritional labels, microwave packaging, polyester bottles and jars, and more. The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Second Edition brings you: * More than 250 alphabetical listings, covering all stages of the packaging process-from raw materials to distribution * Contributions from experts in everything from additives to microwave packaging trademarks to zero-crush packaging * Complete coverage of relevant federal and state laws and regulations * Large, double-column format for easy reference * Extensive cross-referencing and easy-to-access information on all subjects