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Gelatine Handbook: Theory and Industrial Practice

Author: Reinhard Schrieber , Herbert Gareis

ISBN13: 9783527315482

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €135.00
Pages: 347
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: febrero 2007

A practical summary of the technical and technological as well as nutritional and physiological properties attained through the targeted selection of raw materials and the corresponding production processes. The two authors come from the world's leading gelatine company and adopt here an international approach, enabling their knowledge to be transferred between the various application areas on a global scale. Following an introduction to and the history of gelatine, the text surveys the global industry and current trends, before going on to analyze the basic physical, chemical and technological properties of gelatine. Manufacturing, including quality and safety and the processing of powder, instant gelatine and hydrolysate are dealt with next, prior to an in-depth review of applications in beverages and foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, health and osteoarthritis, among others. The whole is rounded off by future visions and a useful glossary. Aimed at all gelatine users, heads and technicians in production and quality control, product developers, students of food science and pharmacy as well as marketing experts within the industry and patent lawyers.

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