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Foie Gras: A Passion

Author: Michael A. Ginor , Mitchell Davis , Andrew Coe , Jane Ziegelman

ISBN13: 9780471293187

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €47.90
Pages: 352
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: noviembre 1999

”When I read Foie Gras ... A Passion, I was touched by Michael Ginor's respect for and fascination with foie gras. It is at the same time a dignified study of foie gras and a beautifully illustrated work, rich in its international selection of recipes. Bravo, Monsieur!” --Alain Ducasse, Chef-Restaurateur ”At last, the perfect gift for the voluptuary.” --Gael Greene, New York magazine ”An incredible odyssey! Foie Grass ... A Passion is a thoroughly exquisite overview of my favorite subject. This book is a magnificent culinary tribute-a feast for all the senses! Simply, a must-have selection for everyone's culinary library.” --Jean-Louis Palladin, Chef-Restaurateur ”Foie Gras ... A Passion is an exercise in monomania of the most appealing sort.” --Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times ”This book, reflecting elegance and intellect, tells a story of immense passion. In tracing the history of foie gras, the authors carry us along through culinary traditions, ethnic cultures, and across continents. The recipes challenge the imagination and the palate.” --Ferdinand Metz, President, The Culinary Institute of America ”As much a coffee table book as a cookbook, this beautiful celebration of foie gras includes a thorough history of the delicacy and mouthwatering full-page photographs of each of the dishes. Those who get past turning the pretty pages can sample the foie gras inspired recipes ... a veritable who's who of contemporary chefs.” --Food & Wine's Best of the Best