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Industrial Enzymes and Their Applications

Author: Helmut Uhlig (Editor)

ISBN13: 9780471196600

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €112.80
Pages: 472
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: abril 1998

A comprehensive, accessible, up-to-date catalog of enzymes and their uses in modern manufacturing. Enzymes have long been used by industrial product makers as major catalysts to transform raw materials into end products. Now available in English for the first time, Industrial Enzymes and Their Applications is the only authoritative catalog of enzymes with in-depth coverage of their varied uses, the classes in which they are grouped, and which chemical reagents they have replaced on current mass production lines. The first section surveys general enzyme characteristics and discusses their microbiological origin, including pH and temperature dependence of the activity and stability of each enzyme. The next section then examines the most important industrial enzymes in use today?including carbohydrate-hydrolyz-ing enzymes, proteases, ester cleavage-fat-hydrolyzing enzymes, and immobilized enzymes. The last section is devoted to specific applications of technical enzymes in such areas as food processing, beverage production, animal nutrition, leather, and textiles. Industrial Enzymes and Their Applications offers instant access to a wealth of key enzyme data?an invaluable, wide-ranging resource for industrial chemists, biochemists, biochemical engineers, and students.