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Detecting Foreign Bodies in Food


ISBN10: 849325463
ISBN13: 9780849325465

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 306
Publish date: abril 2004

Discusses management issues as well as methods of detection and identification Covers research on new technologies, including nuclear magnetic resonance and electrical impedance Includes a chapter on the laboratory identification of foreign bodies Examines both traditional and innovative types of separation systems Explores the use of single and dual axis X-ray systems in foreign body detection Foreign bodies are the biggest single source of customer complaints for many food manufacturers, retailers, and enforcement authorities. Foreign bodies are any undesirable solid objects in food and range from items entirely unconnected with the food, such as glass or metal fragments, to those related to the food, for example bones or fruit stalks. Detecting Foreign Bodies in Food discusses ways of preventing and managing foreign body incidents, and reviews the range of both current and emerging methods and technologies available for detection and control. Part I addresses management issues, with chapters on identifying potential sources of foreign bodies, good manufacturing practice (GMP), the role of the HACCP system, and how best to manage incidents involving foreign bodies. Part II examines methods for detection and removal, with a discussion of existing techniques including metal detection, magnets, optical sorting, and physical separation methods. Other chapters present research on potential new technologies, including surface penetrating radar, microwave reflectance, nuclear magnetic resonance, and ultrasound.

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