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Food Packaging Technology


ISBN10: 084939788X
ISBN13: 9780849397882

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $169.95
Pages: 346
Publish date: agosto 2003

Discusses the importance of food packaging in gaining a competitive advantage Highlights the importance of packaging in conserving the integrity of the product and protecting the health of the consumer Covers supply chain efficiency, distribution hazards, and opportunities for cost reduction Includes coverage of active packaging and modified atmospheric packaging - techniques used to extend the shelf life and guarantee quality The protection and preservation of a product, the launch of new products or re-launch of existing products, perception of added-value to products or services, and cost reduction in the supply chain are all objectives of food packaging. Taking into consideration the requirements specific to different products, how can one package successfully meet all of these goals? Food Packaging Technology provides a contemporary overview of food processing and packaging technologies. Covering the wide range of issues you face when developing innovative food packaging, the book includes: · Food packaging strategy, design, and development · Food biodeterioation and methods of preservation · Packaged product quality and shelf life · Logistical packaging for food marketing systems · Packaging materials and processes The battle rages over which type of container should be used for which application. It is therefore necessary to consider which materials, or combination of materials and processes will best serve the market and enhance brand value. Food Packaging Technology gives you the tools to determine which form of packaging will meet your business goals without compromising the safety of your product.

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