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Food Plant Design


ISBN10: 1574446029
ISBN13: 9781574446029

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 416
Publish date: junio 2005

Includes 159 photos, flow sheets, and drawings that illustrate the design details of food processing systems, refrigeration and steam systems, conveying systems, and buildings Discusses a series of case studies that can be used as a modeling tool to assist in the screening and evaluation of different design and operation alternatives Underlines how experimentation in the pilot plant can be used as a source of technical data for ultimate design and an optimization technique for an existing food processing system Uses photos and drawings of valves, pumps, tanks, food processing equipment, and CIP systems to provide quick and easy access to precise hygienic design details and suitable materials for construction Contains a series of case studies that demonstrate the rational, functional, and hygienic design of food processing plants Although chemical engineering and food technology are subject areas closely related to food processing systems and food plant design, coverage of the design of food plants is often sporadic and inadequately addressed in food technology and engineering books. Some books have attempted to treat food engineering from this dual point of view but, most have not achieved balanced coverage of the two. Focusing on food processing, rather than chemical plants, Food Plant Design presents precise design details with photos and drawings of different types of food processing plants, including food processing systems, refrigeration and steam systems, conveying systems, and buildings. The authors discuss the subject in an ordered format that gives you the tools to produce food products with minimum cost. Including modeling procedures for food processing systems and auxiliary systems, they elucidate synthesis techniques and procedures. Using a clear structure for different levels of information and data on different food processing alternatives, the book outlines solutions to plant design problems in the context of overall optimization of an agro-industrial system and corresponding food chain. It provides the work procedures and techniques for solving the design problems of a food processing plant and in making a defined food product.

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