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Cereals in Breadmaking: A Molecular Colloidal Approach


ISBN10: 824788168
ISBN13: 9780824788162

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 392
Publish date: febrero 1993

This reference text describes the breadmaking process at the molecular level, based on surface and colloidal science and introducing colloidal science with a minimum of theory.,Reviewing the current molecular and colloidal knowledge of the chain from wheat grain to bread, the book: discusses the structure of the dough, how a foam is formed during fermentation and how starch gelatinization induces the formation of an open-pore network, such as the bread crumb, covers new results on the gluten structure in bulk and at interfaces, as well as on phase separation in the dough, presents a complete model of all structural transitions from dough mixing to the formation of a bread, details the physicochemical properties of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in wheat and other cereals, and considers their modes of interaction, and explores recent progress in the shape of biomolecular assemblies, derived from forces and curvature at interfaces.,The text provides nearly 850 citations from the reference literature.

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