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Bread Making: Improving Quality


ISBN10: 849317622
ISBN13: 9780849317620

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $279.95
Pages: 500
Publish date: septiembre 2003

Provides a detailed overview of bread making Addresses the recent key research on the changes involved in the field Discusses the nutritional benefits of wheat, as well as future trends Includes contributions from a distinguished team of international experts Edited by one of the world's leading authorities in the field, Bread Making: Improving Quality reviews key recent research on the ingredients determining bread characteristics. The text discusses what this information means for improved process control and a better, more consistent product. After an introductory review, Part 1 discusses such concepts as the structure and quality of wheat and flour, and methods for measuring quality. Part 2 covers dough formation and its impact on bread's structure and properties. This includes such concepts as foam formation and bread aeration, key ingredients, improving taste and nutritional properties, and the prevention of moulds and mycotoxin contamination.

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