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Tamime and Robinson's Yoghurt Science and Technology, Third Edition


ISBN10: 1420044532
ISBN13: 9781420044539

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $339.95
Pages: 791
Publish date: febrero 2007

Includes developments in the understanding of the biochemical changes involved in yoghurt production Outlines significant technological advances in mechanization and automation Discusses the nutritional value of yoghurt Provides a unique and essential reference for researchers and manufacturers in the dairy industry Completely revised and updated, this third edition combines coverage of recent developments in scientific understanding with information about established best practices. It covers polysaccharide production by starter culture bacteria and its effects on gel structure, acid gel formation, and advances in the analysis of yoghurt in terms of its chemistry, rheology, and microbiology. The book explores advanced technology such as automation and mechanization and details of clinical trials involving yoghurts. The new edition also discusses the new definition of the term yoghurt and the larger variety of gelled or viscuous fermented milk products containing a wide range of cultures.

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