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Handbook of Herbs and Spices: Volume 2


ISBN10: 849325358
ISBN13: 9780849325359

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $289.95
Pages: 360
Publish date: mayo 2004

Covers key issues from definition and classification to chemical structure Features a distinguished international team of contributors Discusses general issues including the functional role of herbal spices, antimicrobials form herbs and spices and screening for the health effects of herbs Herbs and spices are among the most versatile and widely used ingredients in food processing. As well as their traditional role in flavouring and colouring foods, they have increasingly been used as natural preservatives and for their potential health-promoting properties. The Handbook of Herbs and Spices Volume 2 provides an essential reference for manufacturers wishing to make the most of these important ingredients. The main body of the handbook consists of 15 chapters covering key spices and herbs. Chapters cover key issues from definition and classification to chemical structure, cultivation, uses in food processing, functional properties and quality issues.

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