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Novel Food Packaging Techniques


ISBN10: 849317894
ISBN13: 9780849317897

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $289.95
Pages: 590
Publish date: junio 2003

Provides a comprehensive review of the major trends in active packaging Includes detailed coverage of developments in modified atmosphere packaging Presents chapters contributed by a panel of international experts and edited by a leading authority in the field Packaging continues to be one of the most important and innovative areas in food processing. In today's competitive market, optimal packages are a major advantage when persuading consumers to buy a certain brand. Novel Food Packaging Techniques explores how to optimize the use of packaging to improve product safety and quality. Part 1 discusses the range of active packaging techniques such as the use of oxygen and other scavengers, moisture regulation and antimicrobial packaging in food preservation. It also covers the use of intelligent systems such as time-temperature and freshness indicators to assess food quality. Part 2 reviews developments in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and its role in enhancing product safety and quality. Part 3 then describes packaging applied to particular products such as meat and fish. Finally, Part 4 covers other key issues such as packaging optimization, sustainable packaging, consumer attitudes, and legislative issues. Packaging has to satisfy various requirements effectively and economically. The food manufacturer's objective is to design an optimized package which satisfies all legislative, marketing, and functional requirements while also fulfilling environmental, cost, and consumer demands. Edited by a leading expert in the field, with an international panel of contributors, Novel Food Packaging Techniques provides an authoritative and comprehensive review of the key trends. About the Editor: Raija Ahvenainen is Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Kehittyva elintarvike. She was formerly Manager of the Packaging and Food Group at VTT Biotechnology, one of the world's leading centres for food research.

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