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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing


ISBN10: 849392861
ISBN13: 9780849392863

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 760
Publish date: mayo 2007

Examines the application of computational fluid dynamics in food processing systems Provides an overview of CFD as well as specific applications in cold-chain facilities Offers a three-dimensional model of continuous industrial baking process Illustrates CFD modeling of simultaneous heat and mass transfer in beef chilling Features contributions from an international group of authors The implementation of early-stage simulation tools, specifically computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is an international and interdisciplinary trend that allows engineers to computer-test concepts all the way through the development of a process or system. With the enhancement of computing power and efficiency, and the availability of affordable CFD packages, the applications of CFD have extended into the food industry for modeling industrial processes, performing comprehensive analyses, and optimizing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the new processes and systems. Beginning a new series dedicated to contemporary, up-to-date food engineering practices, Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing is the first book of its kind to illustrate the use of CFD for solving heat and mass transfer problems in the food industry. Using a computational grid, CFD solves governing equations that describe fluid flow across each grid cell by means of an iterative procedure in order to predict and visualize the profiles of velocity, temperature, pressure, and other parameters. Starting with an overview of CFD technology and applications, the book illustrates the use of CFD for gaining a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the performance of processes involving heat and mass transfer, such as mixing, drying, cooking, sterilization, chilling, and cold storage. Specific chapters cover airflow in refrigerated trucks, retail display cabinets, microwaves, and doorways, velocity in meat dryers and spray drying, thermal sterilization, plate heat exchangers, membrane separation systems, jet impingement ovens, food extrusion and high-pressure processing, prediction of hygiene, design of biosensors, and the fermentation of tea and ripening of cheese. Drawing from an esteemed panel of international professionals and academics, Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing provides engineers and technologists in research, development, and operations with critical, comprehensive, and readily accessible information on the art and science of CFD technology.

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