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Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops


ISBN10: 1574446177
ISBN13: 9781574446173

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 241
Publish date: julio 2006

Discusses new trends in organic farming systems which help protect the environment Describes the nutritional values and uses of alternative plants in traditional and new diets Provides a description of organic agriculture based on actual international rules and certification systems Links together organic production, alternative crops, and the health benefits of organic food Merging coverage of two increasingly popular and quickly growing food trends, Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops provides an overview of the basic principles of organic agriculture and highlights its multifunctionality with special emphasis on the conservation of rare crops and their uses. Considering more than 30 disregarded and neglected crops suitable for growth in temperate climates, each chapter covers the botany, climate conditions, cultivars, production and yield, growth and ecology, organic cultivation, harvesting, handling and storage, and utilization where the information is available and applicable to the crop under discussion. Other topics include organic production systems, the nutritional and health benefits of products, food processing, and suggestions for some homemade foods. The authors have a wide range of experience in the growing and processing of alternative crops, the management of the processing projects, and the marketing of organic products. They have worked in close cooperation with many small scale processing activities on farms and in the food industry. Drawing on their combined experience, they provide a summary of the major problems and the knowledge base for utilization of alternative crops in new products. The broad range of coverage and interdisciplinary approach make this book a comprehensive reference and useful tool not only for the production of alternative crops but also for the development of new niche market products.

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