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Food Irradiation: A Guidebook, Second Edition


ISBN10: 1566763444
ISBN13: 9781566763448

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $109.95
Pages: 236
Publish date: mayo 1996

Updated review of the technology, applications, issues, and recent developments Use of food irradiation for the prevention of foodborne diseases Industry concerns, analysis of current obstacles, and outlook for food irradiation's future Food irradiation has been in the news lately, and this news strongly favors the consideration of food irradiation as a practical, economical method for improving food safety and shelf life. This new edition of a popular guidebook provides an updated, detailed, readable survey of the past, present and future of food irradiation. It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the scientific basics to an examination of the many objections to food irradiation. Also included is a detailed discussion of the role of food irradiation in preventing a variety of foodborne diseases.

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