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Childhood Obesity: A Biobehavioral Perspective


ISBN10: 936923040
ISBN13: 9780936923048

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $94.95
Pages: 218
Publish date: agosto 1990

Presents methodological issues and new findings on childhood obesity Obesity and food preference Environmental causes and correlates of childhood obesity Physical activity and obesity in childhood Metabolic aspects of dieting Parental and family influences The Pittsburgh childhood weight control program This volume highlights recent research findings which elucidate the biological and behavioral underpinnings of childhood obesity. The book is divided into four sections: Perspectives, Determinants, Prevention, and Treatment. Topics include the social and psychological factors that comprise the obese child's world, eating patterns early in life and their influence on adiposity later in development, two types of opoid peptides, their respective receptor sites, and the effects they produce when released, putative relationships between food preferences and obesity, relationships between inactivity and obesity, design and implementation of school-based programs to prevent obesity in school children, medical care to the obese child and family, metabolic factors of dieting, the role of parental and family influences in childhood obesity, and treatment intervention. The book is a must for advanced graduate students and practitioners in medicine and psychology dealing with child health. It is an invaluable reference for clinicians and researchers alike.

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