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Author: Keith Richmond Lucy Knox

ISBN10: 754814815
ISBN13: 9780754814818

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £7.99
Pages: 168
Edition: Flexiback binding with flaps
Publish date: septiembre 2004

A comprehensive visual guide to selecting, preparing and cooking meat Includes lamb, pork, bacon, gammon and ham, beef and veal, and sausages, cured meats and offal Over 70 irresistible recipes, all show in step-by-step easy to follow photographic instructions, with over 400 colour pictures in total Handy step-by-step techniques cover every method of preparation and cooking, from mincing, stuffing and trussing to stir-frying, roasting and grilling Recipes include classic dishes such as Beef Wellington, Glazed Ham and Roast Leg of Lamb, and also more international favourites and innovative new ideas such as Venison Sausages with Red Wine Gravy and Polenta Learn all about the different cuts and types of meat, with helpful tips on buying, storing and handling meat, plus essential nutritional information Nothing quite equals the age-old pleasure of cooking and eating good quality meat. Infinitely versatile and always delicious and deeply satisfying, meat adds unbeatable flavour, texture and nutrition to even the simplest of dishes and, with recent improvements in breeding and much wider availability of organic produce, there is an even greater choice of leaner, healthier and more affordable cuts to find and enjoy.ESSENTIAL INFORMATION AND TECHNIQUES: The first section of the book explores all you need to know about selecting , preparing and cooking meat. Learn about less well-known types of cured meats and offal, or simply refresh your memory about different cuts of beef, lamb and pork. There are easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions for preparation techniques, such as boning and tying, as well as information on every type of cooking method, from frying and grilling to roasting and stir-frying. In addition, there is up-to-date information on nutrition, as well as advice on buying and storing.FLAVOURSOME RECIPES: Over 70 mouthwatering recipes show just how easy it is to use lamb, pork, beef, sausages and cured meats to produce dishes suitable for every occasion. For a tasty brunch Muffins with Bacon, Eggs and Quick Hollandaise Sauce are the prefect solution, and Chunky Sausage Rolls are great for a light lunch, while classic Steak Bearnaise will ensure a memorable meal. Old and new dishes from around the world are featured, as well as some wonderful combinations of the two, suchs as Chunky Burgers with Spicy Relish.Meat has long beeon one of our favourite foods and this wonderful guide will allow you and inspire you to enjoy it to the full. Brimming with useful information and delicious recipes and complemented by over 400 stunning photographs, MEAT is an essential refence work, ideas book and practical handbook for every kitchen.