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Spirits & Liqueurs for Every Kitchen

Author: Stuart Walton Norma Miller

ISBN10: 754817687
ISBN13: 9780754817680

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £9.99
Pages: 264
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: agosto 2007

The definitive guide to spirits and liqueurs and how to cook with them, with 100 classic and contemporary recipes to suit every occasion Beautifully illustrated with more than 700 specially commissioned colour photographs, including step-by-step sequences for all the recipes Features a full-colour reference guide to the world's spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines, with fascinating information on where and how each is made, best-known producers and brand names, the various forms and types, ingredients, flavours and aromas and advice on how to serve Includes instructions for making over 125 cocktails - discover how to mix up a Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling or Margarita and pour the perfect Martini A comprehensive collection of sweet and savoury dishes includes such classics as Duck Breasts with Calvados, Game Pie with Port and Whisky-laced Mince Pies, along with innovative recipes such as Drunken Mushrooms, Hot Souffles with Grand Marnier Ice, Jamaican Buns with Malibu and Strawberry and Kirsch Choux Ring Spirits & Liqueurs for Every Kitchen is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the world's alcoholic drinks and how to cook with them. The book opens with Stuart Walton's informative and authoritative, yet easy-to-read, reference section, which is divided into three main parts: spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines, with a small section on non-alcoholic mixers at the end. The drinks in each section are arranged in alphabetical order, and every entry includes fascinating facts about how and where the drink is made, the best-known producers and brand names, the various forms of a drink, and its ingredients and flavours, along with what a particular drink tastes good with. There's plenty of practical advice, too, with simple serving instructions for each drink, and a whole host of cocktail recipes, including classics, such as Margarita, Moscow Mule and Harvey Wallbanger, along with some less well-known mixtures to try.The second part of the book includes 100 recipes, both classic and contemporary, which use a variety of spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines as a flavouring. There are soups and starters, fish and seafood dishes, meat, poultry and game, vegetable and vegetarian dishes, desserts, ices and candies, tarts and gateaux. The alcoholic drinks used range from aperitifs and vermouths, such as sherry, Madeira and Noilly Prat, to spirits, such as brandy, whisky and vodka, and liqueurs, such as green Chartreuse, kummel, Malibu and pastis. The recipes include traditional, time-honoured favourites like pepper steak flambéed with brandy, crepes Suzette with Cointreau and cognac, and zabaglione laced with Marsala, plus exciting combinations like fennel roasted with Pernod and pan-fried squid spiked with ouzo. Every recipe is photographed in full colour, with step-by-step instructions, so that you can see the finished dish and be ensured of success every time.Spirits & Liqueurs for Every Kitchen gives a fascinating insight into the vast range of alcoholic drinks. Combining informative text with glorious photographs, it is an authoritative guide to drinks and an inspirational, failsafe recipe book - an essential reference point for identifying, serving and cooking with alcohol.