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Fuss-Free Food for Babies & Toddlers: 200 Healthy Home-Made Recipes

Author: Sara Lewis

ISBN10: 754817490
ISBN13: 9780754817499

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: julio 2007

Over 150 step-by-step recipes for babies and toddlers 900 colour photographs, including step by stpe sequences and a picture of every finished dish Divided into three sections for easy reference: First Foods, Foods for Toddlers and Family Meals Everything from fish cakes, pies and stews to pasta, pancakes and desserts Invaluable advice on topics such as equipment, hygiene, when to begin weaning, batch cooking, nutrition, fussy eating, going vegetarian and much more Give your children the very best start - eating for health, vitality, and forming sensible nutrition habits for later life Covers the critical areas of weaning, first tastes and feeding babies from the age of four months up to six, nine and twelve months All your questions answered: a one-stop problem-solver, plus hundreds of authoritative hints, tips and guidelines All parents want to give their children the very best start in life. The baby's diet, and what the toddler can be tempted to eat, are among the most important elements in ensuring good health, both for essential nutrition during the formative years, and for forming sensible habits as the child moves into adolescence.Parents often put feeding children near the top of their list of family worries, quoting the scarcity of reliable information and guidance. This volume provides definitive advice and solutions on weaning, nutrition, coping with fads and fussy eating, which foods to introduce and when, and integrating healthy meals for children of different ages into manageable family living without placing unbearable stress on already stretched budgets or involving hours in the kitchen cooking three or four separate dishes at once. The opening section - First Foods - covers the critical areas of weaning, first tastes and feeding babies from the age of four months up to six, nine and twelve months. As well as recipes, there is advice on equipment, hygiene, food preparation, maintaining a balanced diet, and introducing and phasing out different foodstuffs. The second section - Food for Toddlers - is packed with healthy but tempting dishes and treats for toddlers: everything from fish cakes, pies and stews to pasta, chicken, pancakes and desserts. The third section - Family Meals - is the perfect planner for busy parents, introducing the author's unique three-way stretch treatment, with simple instructions on how to produce a healthy baby puree, a fun toddler meal and a satisfying dish for parents simultaneously. Fuss-Free Food For Babies & Toddlers provides definitive advice and simple solutions in one easy-to-use and authoritative volume.