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Potato - 150 Fabulous Recipes

Author: Alex Barker Sally Mansfield

ISBN10: 754817679
ISBN13: 9780754817673

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £9.99
Pages: 264
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: agosto 2007

A feast of over 150 recipes including the most traditional, classic and popular potato dishes from around the world Beautifully photographed, with 800 colour pictures in total, including step-by-step sequences for all the recipes A comprehensive full-colour directory contains fabulous photographs of all the most popular potato varieties from around the world An extensive introduction covers potato preparation and cooking techniques - from perfect chips and dreamy piles of mash to hasselbacks and fanned potatoes Detailed descriptions and expert advice on potato characteristics - colour, shape, texture and flavour, and advice on suitable cooking methods How to create the best-ever Fish Pie and crispy Hash Browns, start your meal off with a spicy Kale, Chorizo and Potato Soup, or try delicious Potato and Red Pepper Fritata and a slice of colourful Cranberry and Potato Bread The recent revival for all things potato has seen the emergence of a whole host of new and exciting recipes as well as an ever-increasing number of varieties, now readily available. Expertly researched, this definitive guide covers every aspect of choosing and cooking this universally loved vegetable, from selecting the right potato to enjoying the perfect dish.When it comes to cooking, preparation is where the story begins. Did you know that you could make crisps from potato peelings? Or that 'rumbling' is an old-fashioned method for removing the skins? There are endless different shapes and forms in which you can serve potatoes, from wedges and balls to fans and hasselbacks. Cooking methods are equally varied, from boiling and frying to baking and claypot cooking. To help you in all these tasks the equipment and materials section suggests a multitude of useful additions to your kitchen.At the heart of the book is a directory of the best potatoes from around the world, from the nutty little Anya to Jersey Royal and Kerr's Pink. Each profile provides authoritative descriptions including shape, flavour and texture, plus suggestions for suitable cooking techniques.Then explore the myriad choices in the recipe section that demonstrated how to add vibrant flavour to this simple vegetable. Potatoes make an excellent base for soups, such as Leek and Potato or Cream of Cauliflower, and they can be used to create wonderful main dishes from Spinach and Potato Stuffed Chicken to Potato and Sausage Casserole.Complete with over 800 specially-taken colour photographs, this is an indispensable reference and an invaluable source of inspiration, celebrating the amazing versatility of this universal ingredient in every conceivable way.