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The Complete Juice Book

Author: Suzannah Olivier Joanna Farrow

ISBN10: 1844762378
ISBN13: 9781844762378

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £8.99
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: enero 2006

Over 65 fabulous, fruity, classic and exotic juice recipes Over 400 stunning and stylish photographs, including shots of every finished drink A superb range of ideas - everything from simple fresh orange squash to kiwi and stem ginger spritzer, and from celery sensations to broccoli boosters An informative reference section introduces juicing and blending techniques plus information on ingredients, their properties, flavours and health benefits Simple photographic step-by-step instructions to guarantee perfect results every time Find the right juice for any occasion with recipes for super healthy juices, vital veggie blends, extra exotic coolers, crushes and slushes and perfect party drinks Use the specially developed ingredients guide to create your own amazing juice combinations Fresh, homemade juices have become extremely popular in recent years: delicious, quick and easy to make, as well as being packed with nutrients, they are enjoyable, healthy and ideal for fast-paced modern life. This book contains 65 sensational mixes for every possible occasion, complete instructions for how to make them, and advice, tips and guidelines for anyone getting their first juicer or who wants to get further into this exciting subject.The book opens with a handy reference section where the reader will find practical information about juicing equipment, techniques and ingredients. A surprisingly wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flavourings can be juiced or used in blended drinks and you will find all the information you need on their health and nutritional benefits, as well as advice on creating your own irresistible juicing combinations, with handy tips on flavours that go well together. The core of the book is the recipe section. In all there are over 400 photographs in the book including illustrated step-by-step instructions with every one of these recipes for failsafe production together with vibrant images of each of the finished drinks which provide stunning serving suggestions and show you exactly what you are aiming to achieve.Here you can tempt your taste buds with exotic, unusual and fun juices such as Watermelon and Star Anise Fizz and Thyme-Scented Plum Lush, get an instant detox with the Clean Sweep, or revitalise your energy levels with the Veggie Boost. For special occasions, you can kick off a party with a deliciously boozy juice blend such as a Grand Marnier, Papaya and Passionfruit Punch or a Raspberry Rendezvous. Whether you want a tasty, convenient, instant health boost, a sweet treat or a refreshing thirst quencher, this essential guide to fresh fruit and vegetable juices has everything you need.