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Unraveling Lipid Metabolism With Microarrays


ISBN10: 824758110
ISBN13: 9780824758110

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 472
Publish date: noviembre 2004

Provides detailed guidance on procedures to handle omic data sets Supplies an extensive overview of statistical approaches to evaluate microarray data Considers how microarrays can be used to understand the role of lipids in the initiation or prevention of disorders including cancer, diabetes, and obesity Includes a summary of experiments utilizing NMR for the examination of lipid transformations Explores the use of the zebra fish model for clarification of the whole body lipid metabolism Contains a chapter by the only group known to study the effect of lipids on transcriptomics in multiple brain regions Reviewing current studies and previously unpublished research from leading laboratories around the world, Unraveling Lipid Metabolism with Microarrays demonstrates the use of microarrays and transcriptomic approaches to clarify the biological function of lipids. With contributions from world-class researchers, the book focuses on the use of microarrays to study and understand lipid metabolism. With coverage that spans the technologies of genomics, transriptomics, and meatabolomics, the text contains reviews of published work, provides a fresh look at new data, and presents previously unpublished work. It explores the role of fatty acids in gene expression and the various effects lipids have on the cell cycle, cholesterol metabolism, and insulin secretion. Taking a proteomic approach to looking at lipids, the book covers a wide variety of subjects, all linked to the study of lipid metabolism.

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