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Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods


ISBN10: 1420052748
ISBN13: 9781420052749

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $169.95
Pages: 304
Publish date: abril 2008

Addresses such engineering aspects of baking as heat and mass transfer Includes coverage of cake and cookie dough rheology Discusses biochemical reactions in baking and the function of ingredients Covers novel baking techniques such as microwave and jet impingement baking Addresses unique aspects of baking with low fat and low sugar Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods combines the knowledge of food engineering with cereal chemistry and fills in much of the information typically left out of other scientific treatises on baking. It covers such principles as heat transfer, mass transfer, and the rheology of dough. Calling upon a number of experts, it focuses on soft wheat products, including the rehology of cake batter and cookie dough, cake emulsions and the physical properties of sweet goods. It discusses chemical reactions in baking, paying particular attention to the function of ingredients. In consideration of health concerns, the authors also cover cakes containing low fat and low sugar

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