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Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health


ISBN10: 1574445146
ISBN13: 9781574445145

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 512
Publish date: octubre 2005

Synthesizes essential information on probiotics into a single comprehensive volume Facilitates the decision making process regarding the design and data analysis for probiotic experiments Provides scientific literature citations at the end of each chapter Includes chapters written by internationally renowned experts in their fields Employs an accessible format for quick reference and understanding The discovery of new and previously unknown organisms that cause foodborne illness makes it essential for scientists, regulators, and those in the food industry to reconsider their traditional approaches to food preservation. A single source reference that can provide the latest practical information on how to deal with the range of probiotic health issues that have recently arisen would be invaluable to have. Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health is that resource. It presents an in-depth characterization and diagnosis of probiotic strains and their mechanisms of action in humans, explains the role food applications have in the development of new products that guard against gastrointestinal diseases, and addresses the current regulatory environment. The material in each chapter is written in an accessible format by internationally renowned experts and includes citations from scientific literature. Highlights include a thorough discussion of probiotic issues such as pre- and postharvest food safety applications of probiotics, genetic engineering, and probiotic identification. The book also presents information on new regulations and emerging trends in the two major probiotics markets in the world, Europe and Japan. Unique in its depth and breadth of scope, Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health provides vital information to those who need to be knowledgeable of the functional properties of foods aimed at improving human health.

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