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Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment


ISBN10: 849379059
ISBN13: 9780849379055

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 440
Publish date: febrero 1999

o Includes conventional and emerging food processing technologies Presents processing effects on quality Provides guidelines for novel methods of process assessment Discusses microbiological phenomena in emerging food processing technologies Applies food engineering standards to food processing Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment provides a large body of updated information - helping researchers and industrialists make use of new concepts, technologies and approaches that are at the heart of modern food research. It will be a useful tool in the interweaving of scientific and technological information that the multidisciplinarity of food processing and preservation requires. The book concerns conventional and emerging technologies - reviewing relevant chemical, physical and microbiological changes in food - occurring during processing. It discusses methods to monitor and assess such changes with a view to product optimization. Chapters include reviews of different subjects and specific studies that clarify the issues and their potential applications. The topics are divided into five sections: thermal processing, freezing, drying, high pressure processing and minimal and combined processes.

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