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Author: By N. El Bassam , International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IFEED), Sievershausen, Germany P. Maegaard , Danish Center for Renewable Energy, Hurup Thy, Denmark

ISBN13: 9780444510143

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €120.00
Pages: 342
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: junio 2004

More than two billion people worldwide have currently no access to grid electricity or other efficient energy supply. This is one third of humanity and the majority live in rural areas. The productivity and health of these people are diminished by reliance on traditional fuels and technologies, with women and children suffering most. Energy is the key element to empower people and ensure water, food and fodder supply as well as rural development. Therefore access to energy should be treated as the fundamental right to everybody. Renewable energy has the potential to bring power, not only in the literal sense, to communities by transforming their prospects. This book offers options that meet the needs of people and communities for energy and engage them in identifying and planning their own provision. It describes updated renewable energy technologies and offers strategies and guidelines for the planning and implementation of sustainable energy supply for individuals and communities.