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Detecting Pathogens in Food


ISBN10: 849317568
ISBN13: 9780849317569

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 370
Publish date: julio 2003

Presents the latest detection methods that have arisen from advances in microelectronics, molecular biology, and information technology Examines detection methods within the framework of food safety Includes contributions from leading researchers in their field Features references at the end of each chapter Detecting Pathogens in Food brings together a distinguished international team of contributors to review the latest techniques in microbiological analysis and how they can best be used to ensure food safety. The first part of the book deals with general issues, such as the role of microbiological analysis in food safety management, as well as the critical issues of what to sample and how samples should be prepared to make analysis effective. The second section discusses the range of detection techniques now available, including exciting developments in the use of biosensors and applied systematics.

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